Title Pending... Musings of a Procrastinator


So, by some kind of divine intervention to my normal life I found this 50s/60s stationary record player for $15 at Salvation Army. It’s in perfect condition, the needle still works, it’s a 6 changer, it plays 16s,33s,45s, and 78s, has a radio, and is just generally the greatest thing I have ever purchased for 15 dollars, bar none. 

I found a second needle when I was dusting the back out too; in a neat little package straight out of the 70s. At 9:30 Gina and I (quite literally) ran to the Electric Fetus and used the last few minutes before they closed to frantically dig through the used albums; We landed on Springsteen, Pat Benetar, and Fleetwood Mac -Rumours (which is one of my favorite albums, of all time) and some nameless Christmas Brass Ensemble. Whatever yo, your girl likes some Carol of the Bells, aight.

Anyways, it’s a good day. I’m going to go drink some wine and fawn over my record player now. Ok bye!

My mom played her Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette and George Jones albums on a stereo very similar. Fostered my love of music, I reckon. Good times.