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My other videos uploaded: Steve Earle, Lexington, KY, 7-26-11: Guitar Town, My Old Friend the Blues, and Someday.

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Another Steve Earle video from the Lexington KY Opera House 7-26-11. Copperhead Road, Dixieland, Galway Girl. They’ve added the pop up ads, not me.

Finally got one of the videos we took of Steve Earle at the Lexington KY Opera House, 7-26-11 to upload. I don’t know how to separate the songs so it has both “Goodbye” and “Hillbilly Highway” on it. It’s HD too.

   I went to see Steve Earle and the Dukes, (and Duchesses) last Tuesday at the Lexington Opera House. I was very excited for a band to be with him since he’s been solo the last few tours.

        I’m so glad Mr. Earle somehow found his way out of that dark, dark hole of heroin addiction. What a travesty it would have been to lose such a talent at an early age. Maybe he could be some kind of advisor for these other troubled artists. I say if he could come clean, anybody can.  He says he follows the typical 12 step program. Kudos to him. My favorite song is one he says was the first one he wrote sober: “Goodbye”. If I can ever get You Tube to cooperate, we have some great videos.

   He said during the show, he’d be “out at the merchandise stand, pimping things afterward”. He was! My husband asked him how he wrote the songs for “The Mountain” without having some kind of Appalachian, redneck roots. He said that actually his mother, or stepmother was from Big Stone Gap, Virginia and that he visited there as a kid.

   I think I may be in the minority, but I can actually enjoy music and musicians separately from their political views. Although Steve Earle has been very, very vocal at previous shows I’ve been to, he was a bit subdued for this one.

   His lovely wife, Allison Moorer accompanied. Former Son Volt guitarist Chris Masterson and wife Eleanor Whitmore added some pizazz. That big, glowing Gretsch White Falcon caught my eye.

    By the way Steve is father to three kids ranging from 29 yr. old Justin Townes Earle to baby, John Henry, 15 months. Whoa.