Title Pending... Musings of a Procrastinator

Maybe he should record these on a Teac Tascam Series 144 4-track cassette recorder?   John Mayer had a secret show last night at Hotel Cafe where he tried out a few new songs.  This is "Portable Heart"-lots of harmonica. His recent dip into Dylanesqueness may be explained by a Page Six blurb from back in July:

"We hear..That legendary producer Phil Ramone — honored recently by Billy Joel and Paul Simon at the Songwriters Hall of Fame dinner — will record an album with John Mayer to re-create the classic sound of “Blood on the Tracks,” which Ramone produced for Bob Dylan in the ’70s.”   nypost Page Six

Here’s another new one “Something Like Olivia” (what? he needed a 4 syllable name? O.K. it does tickle the tongue) that I like better:

Something Like Olivia video

The Teac Tascam reference is to Bruce Springsteen’s recording of Nebraska which is a fabulous story that I think I’ll post next :)

I wish I lived in New York City just so I could happen upon a secret show.   This is John ny Depp  Mayer at the Village Underground trying out some new songs with just his guitar and a harmonica 12-3-10. Why are people talking?! I think it is called “Face to Call Home”. There are a few others too if you search.